Will power, day-to-day performance and good quality services are not enough for your company to succeed in today’s market.


Communication is the best way to present your business and disseminate your products and services to potential clients and consumers.


Nowadays, the market is governed by competition, and communication is the best way to stand out among your competition.


For this reason we've created ARTELIER COM in 2006, since then we have been on the spotlight in the West African market, not only for being pioneers, but primarily for the quality of the products and services we provide for the local and International brands.

What we propose as communication solution for our clients and partners is a 360° approach, which is, working together since the creation of periodic marketing and communication plans to its implementation in the country’s existing media, with “in house” advertising conception and production, and always following the identity and strategic direction of the brand.



Providing architectural plans, 3D rendering and modelling services. Our Architects and 3D rendering partners offer exquisite detail with the newest market technologies.


• Architecture Exterior & Interior Plans

3D Architecture Exterior & Interior Design

3D Movies

3D Interior Deco

Advertising and marketing tools specialised in architecture areas.

As a complement to architectural area, we furnish first-choice materials (Tiles, Sanitary, Faucets, Inox, Bathroom Furniture, Wood Doors, among others), for real estate construction finishes, always with the best quality and design from our world partners.


As precious as the memory of the famed last Queen of Guinea-Bissau (West Africa), Queen Okinka Pampa Kanyimpa, comes a PRIME collection of African Art Pieces, which represents some of the best the continent of Africa has to offer. A wide range of exquisite sculptures, of the finest wood and bronze, from all Africa: Guinea Bissau, Benin, Mali, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, among others, have been caringly curated as collectibles fit for a queen.

We have the honer to present you the OKINKA Prime Art Gallery with one of the world's best Prime African Art Collection.

African Art serves a purpose as an agent of religion, social stability, and social control.


An African Art Piece is authentic, if it was first performed by an ethnical group or been represented in a religious or ceremonial event. However, nothing will ever replace the emotion felt facing a genuine African art object, because that is the magic of these works.

THE ORIGINS furniture is an exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging and a state of mind. We strive to encourage sensational experiences by creating beautiful pieces which are passionately inspired and handcrafted in África and Europe, by a staff that loves what they do; experiences which pass on the feeling of exclusivity. Our designers possess an undeniable talent for composing pieces which stir emotion in their admirers. Our artisan’s wisdom, accumulated from years of experience, is instilled with love and dedication in the art that they perform. 

Design is our reason for being. Each THE ORIGINS piece reflects our dedication to design, with a unique personality and sophisticated character. We believe that the elegance and refinement presented in our collection are timeless. These characteristics of our brand are ingrained in even the smallest aspects through insatiable attention detail.

A dynamic process of innovation, of both technology and design, forces us into a continual reinterpretation of the brand. Aspects of our philosophy also remain constant: the high quality of the final product is always a priority. All this is translated into our consistent search for anything that can bring more value to our pieces, adding and reinventing in new contexts to provide the best.